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Virtual In-House Counsel

We are your innovative legal partner, bringing you the benefits of in-house counsel, on demand, your way.


Expertise and Value

Rely on exceptional legal expertise, cost-effectiveness and added value with our virtual in-house counsel in London. Get legal services on-demand, without the costs. With the knowledge of an in-house team and the resources of a central-London legal team, this is a low-cost high-return legal solution.


Flexibility and Innovation

The Serenity Law LLP virtual in-house counsel service is the on-demand innovative legal solution for contemporary business. Focused on your business goals, working in a tailored way, you get exceptional legal service with contemporary solutions.


Our Clients

The virtual in-house counsel service is ideal for start-ups and growing businesses that need the benefit of in-house legal expertise on tap, without the painful overheads. Taking advantage of our virtual in-house counsel service we have a diverse spectrum of UK-based and international clients. This is the way to benefit from an exceptional central London legal team without the traditional expense.


Why choose Serenity Law LLP for your in-house virtual counsel in London?

Allowing you the flexibility you need to develop your business, and combining with an alternative affordable legal service, the Serenity Law LLP virtual in-house counsel team is the way to get legal advice and services on your terms. Suitable for a wide range of legal issues from negotiations to dispute settlement, our service meets your needs.


Our in-house virtual counsel services include:

  • Proactive legal advice

  • Fixed monthly fee

  • Reduced hourly rate

  • Bespoke drafting of legal documents

  • Guidance and assistance on dispute resolution

  • Advice in negotiations on sales and purchase deals

Serenity Protect Retainer Packages

Virtual In-House Counsel packages to look after your ongoing legal needs so you can focus on your business.
Our legal services retainer packages have been created with working business owners in mind. We know how many things there are to consider when running a company, and we are here to alleviate your legal worries. All of our packages are suitable for small to mid-sized businesses within the retail, hospitality, property development, investment and technology sectors. 

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We are your virtual in-house legal team in London.

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