The Young Tree Package


The Young Tree Package is specially tailored to busy sole proprietors. Often it can be a race against time to have everything in place ahead of a new business launch and having legal documents checked over can be at the bottom of the list. By choosing the this you will have everything you need, from the initial business incorporation to the portfolio of agreements covering shareholders, end-users, suppliers and employees. This package also includes comprehensive documentation to ensure you are upholding GDPR regulations for your website and customer correspondence. The Young Tree Package may be the most comprehensive, time-saving legal service you sign up for.


The Young Tree Package

consists of the following


Are a new business who has yet to launch. You will be looking to:

Want to register as a Ltd company which will have shareholders.

To register your new business as a Ltd company

To sell a product or service.

To setup a wbsite and collect customer data.

Send out correspondence and more to your customers.


A clearly defined agreement which will regulate the relationship between the business owner and the shareholders.

We will set out a legal framework for how your company's day to day transactions will operate.

A clearly defined agreement which will cover supply, delivery, timescales and payments.

A clearly defined agreement between your business and any licensees.
We will ensure you comply with EU and UK law with regards to any data processed through your website.​​

Template employment agreement for hiring employees.
Ensure your website is compliant with the EU Directive regarding how you track website visits.
After you complete the questionnaire for the package we will review through the questionnaire, ask any questions for clarity by email and then proceed to draft the documents. Upon completion of the documents will have a one hour consultation to go through the drafted documents and discuss any further requirements going forward

Package Breakdown

Company Incorporation

Shareholders Agreement

Business Terms & Conditions

Supplier Agreements

End User Agreements

GDPR & Privacy Policy
Employee Agreement

Cookie Policy

1 Hour Consultation