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The Shoot Package

For Whom?

  • Do you need help with starting a business? 

  • Do you want to incorporate your company?

  • Are you starting a business with friends or family?

  • Are you trading in the UK? If so are you collecting data in compliance with regulations?

  • Does your website comply with the UK cookie law?

  • Do you need agreements with suppliers and your customers/clients?

What's included? 

We register your new business as a limited company (including the  division of shares).


We will set out a legal framework for how your company's day to day transactions will operate.


A clearly defined agreement which will cover supply, delivery, timescales and payments.A clearly defined agreement between your business and any end users.


We will ensure you comply with EU and UK law with regard to any data processed through your website.


Ensure your website is compliant with the EU Directive regarding how you track website visits.

Package Breakdown

  • Incorporation of Company

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • Business Terms & Conditions

  • Supplier Agreement

  • End User Agreement

  • GDPR & Privacy Policy

  • Cookie Policy

  • 1 Hour Consultation


After you complete the questionnaire for the package

  • Our commercial Solicitors will review the questionnaire

  • We reach out with questions for clarity by email concerning our startup legal services.

  • Our startup experts proceed to draft the documents

  • Upon completion of the documents, our commercial solicitors will contact you for a one hour consultation to discuss any further requirements to help with starting a business.

What is the Shoot Package?

The Shoot package provides entrepreneurs with essential startup legal services that include key legal documents and the company registration, for them to operate and comply with the regulations.


Our team of commercial lawyers has specifically created the Shoot business startup package for companies that seek to start trading quickly and with total confidence.

Company Registration


The Shoot business startup package includes company registration in compliance with English law requirements and registering the entity at Companies House. The service also includes the drafting of articles of association and memorandum of association.

Shareholder's Agreement


When setting up a company registration with family or friends it is advisable to have a well drafted shareholders agreement.


Although the company’s articles of association and company law assist to some extent, a fully considered and drafted shareholders agreement not only acts as a safeguard in the event if something goes wrong or not to plan, but also clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each shareholder , any capital raised and their obligations to the company.

A shareholder’s agreement can also assist to break any deadlock in the event there is no agreement on the direction or management of the company.

For further information about the benefits of a shareholders agreement read our blog article by clicking here.

Business Terms and Conditions

Ensuring you have business terms and conditions suitable for your business not only provides clarity about what should happen in any given situation, but also ensures there is a clear process in the event when things don’t go to plan.


Business terms and conditions serve to inform the obligations that the company will provide to the customer, it basically sets up an agreed upon way to conduct business.

Business terms and conditions are important, since they also provide a way to solve different complex scenarios as they arise.

This will enhance the sales process by making it smoother, reduce disputes and establish clear resolution procedures in the event of any dispute and ensure you get paid on time.

If you sell goods, services or digital content, your new business startup will need a proper delineated set of business terms and conditions to protect your business interests. Read our blog article by clicking here about updating your terms and conditions following the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Company registration & GDPR COMPLIANT

Supplier agreement

A supplier agreement is an important agreement for many businesses, different terms can be used for this type of agreement, some common ones are mentioned below

  • Trade agreement

  • Service contract

  • Schedule of services

  • Details of supply terms

  • Supplier contract

  • Distribution agreement


Various industry sectors use specific terms within agreements. Essentially, the agreement covers the terms between the company and its suppliers of services and or goods. The supplier agreement is governing the relationship between the supplier and the company. Terms that are usually included within a supplier agreement are;

  • the items the supplier must provide,

  • pricing and payments for all goods and/or services,

  • expected time frames for work completion and payments,

  • the responsibilities and terms of the relationship,

  • procedure in the event of dispute,

  • standard requirements for any products and service levels.


A well drafted supplier agreement can ensure you are able to deliver services to your clients or customers on time and to standard. In the event your supplier is unable to unwilling to comply due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic. A well drafted agreement provides a clear route for resolution of any disputes or lack of delivery or standard.

With regular regulatory changes and standards required to be complied within the supply chain, in particular due to changes relating to climate change and human rights when dealing and negotiating with suppliers in other jurisdictions, languages and cultures. The terms of the supplier agreement is an essential business document to safeguard your business.


End user agreement

An end user agreement is a generic term that can be interpreted and used in many different ways depending upon the industry sector. Essentially an end user agreement sets out the terms and conditions between the company and your customer or client.

The agreement can incorporate your standard terms and conditions and any specific terms agreed with the end user such as

- time frame of the agreement,

- type of service or product ordered,

- the price to be paid and any payment terms,

- service levels agreed between the company and the customer/client

- agreement to provide intellectual property rights to a particular software

The agreement is between the company and the customer to ensure both parties understand the scope of work and the terms and conditions of its completion. As a small business using this type of agreement promotes a positive, transparent relationship between you and your customers. Some common terms used when describing this type of agreement are;

  • Consumer contract

  • Customer service agreement

  • Client agreement

  • Supply agreement

  • Service contract

UK GDPR Compliant


Modern businesses operate through the collection of data of their customers, whether it be gathering data for delivery details, personal information or specific data to fulfil the delivery of service or product, data is collected. 


The collection of data is governed under law. In the UK this is protected under the Data Protection Act 2018, and further regulatory changes were made following the UK’s departure from the European Union.


The fines for non-compliance with data protection can be severe, the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has the power to fine a business up to £17.5 million or 4% of the total annual worldwide turnover in the preceding year, whichever is higher.

The ICO has the power to issue monetary penalties for infringement of the provisions under the Act and therefore to ensure new business startups that collect data for citizens of the EU and UK are GDPR compliant, suitable data protection and privacy policy should be drafted to safeguard your business, specific to your industry sector and marketing activities.


Our startup solicitors can help with the new GDPR compliant laws regarding the protection of customer data in the EU and UK.

If your new business startup operates inside the UK, you will need to comply with UK data protection law.

GDPR set new standards for consumer rights related to data, but companies experience difficulties in preparing systems and processes to become GDPR compliant.

To find out more about the essential role of Data Protection in business read our blog article by clicking here

The Shoot Package For Your New Business Startup

The Shoot Package includes the drafting of a Shareholder Agreement that is useful if you are starting your business with friends or family. This package will help you start your business on the right foot and trade with confidence.


The partnership agreement mostly dictates how a company should be operated and specific rights and obligations that shareholders hold or are required to do. 

At Serenity Law, our startup solicitors are here to ensure that you will save time by tackling the legal aspects of business with a clear and fixed price from the outset.


Some situations in which your business could be involved that the Shoot package could help you with:

  • Do you have investors in your business?

  • Does your company have shareholders? 

  • Do you need help with starting a business? 

  • Do you want to arrange your company setup?

  • Is your customer data UK GDPR regulations compliant?

  • Does your website comply with the UK cookie policy?

  • Do you need clear agreements with suppliers?


After you complete the questionnaire for the package

  • Our commercial Solicitors will review the questionnaire

  • We reach out with questions for clarity by email concerning our startup legal services.

  • Our startup experts proceed to draft the documents

  • Upon completion of the documents, our commercial solicitors will contact you to discuss any further requirements to help with starting a business. 

If you are still unsure about what package is best for you and have specific questions regarding how we deliver our services, or any other doubt, please visit our F.A.Q section by clicking on the link below.​