The Sapling Package


The Sapling Package is the perfect model for both established and newly incorporated companies who wish to cement their business practices into legal documents. Businesses can refresh their documents at any point after their inception, though we do suggest with the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit coming to the fore, it would be wise to do this sooner rather than later. This package has been designed with busy company owners in mind, meaning the process from submission to issuing documentation is quick and can be completed with ease. Protect your business with employee, end user and supplier agreements, and continue to trade safe in the knowledge that we have covered your legal needs.

The Sapling Package

consists of the following

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Whats included

Shareholders Agreement

Business Terms & Conditions

Supplier Agreements

End User Agreements

GDPR & Privacy Policy

Employee Agreement

Cookie Policy

1 Hour Consultation


A clearly defined agreement which will regulate the relationship between the business owner and the shareholders.

We will set out a legal framework for how your company's day to day transactions will operate.

A clearly defined agreement which will cover supply, delivery, timescales and payments.

A clearly defined agreement between your business and any licensees.

We will ensure you comply with EU and UK law with regards to any data processed through your website.​​

Template employment agreement for hiring employees.

Ensure your website is compliant with the EU Directive regarding how you track website visits.

After you complete the questionnaire for the package we will review through the questionnaire, ask any questions for clarity by email and then proceed to draft the documents. Upon completion of the documents will have a one hour consultation to go through the drafted documents and discuss any further requirements going forward

Who it is for

Want to register as a Ltd company which will have shareholders.

To register your new business as a Ltd company.

To sell a product or service.

To setup a website and collect customer data.

Sell a product or service from an online presence.

Hire employees to work for your


Setup a website & collect customer's personal data.

Send out correspondence and more to your customers.


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