Planting a Tree


The Sapling Package

For Whom?

  • Same as the Seed package minus the incorporation of a company, with added benefit of a supplier agreement.

  • Suitable for an established or newly incorporated company.

  • Are you a new business, newly incorporated or yet to launch?

  • You will be selling products or services.

  • To setup a website and collect customer data.

  • Require business terms and conditions 

  • Send out correspondence and more to your customers in compliance with data protection regulations.

What's included? 


  • We will set out a legal framework for how your company's day to day transactions will operate.

  • A clearly defined agreement which will cover supply, delivery, timescales and payments.

  • A clearly defined agreement between your business and any suppliers

  • We will ensure you comply with EU and UK law with regards to any data processed through your website.

  • Ensure your website is compliant with the EU Directive regarding how you track website visits.

Package Breakdown

  • Business Terms & Conditions

  • Supplier Agreements

  • GDPR & Privacy Policy​

  • Cookie Policy

  • 1 Hour Consultation


After you complete the questionnaire for the package

  • Our commercial Solicitors will review the questionnaire

  • We reach out with questions for clarity by email concerning our startup legal services.

  • Our startup experts proceed to draft the documents

  • Upon completion of the documents, our commercial solicitors will contact you for a one hour consultation to discuss any further requirements to help with starting a business.

What is the Sapling Package?


The Sapling package is ideal if you have already incorporated your company but have yet to draft legal documents to safeguard your business startup, the package includes the same as the seed package (minus incorporation of the company) with the benefit of a supplier agreement to enable you to negotiate and agree terms with suppliers who are key to ensure your clients or customers end product or service is delivered on time and as you intend.

Serenity Law has specifically created the Sapling business startup package to provide value for money. We save you time by tackling the legal aspects of starting a business with clear fixed price and transparency in what is included from the outset.


Our commercial lawyers will draft the documents included in the Sapling package to ensure they are in accordance with the regulatory requirements of your industry sector.

Supplier agreement

A supplier agreement is an important agreement for many businesses, different terms can be used for this type of agreement, some common ones are mentioned below

·      Trade agreement

·      Service contract

·      Schedule of services

·      Details of supply terms

·      Supplier contract

·      Distribution agreement

Various industry sectors use specific terms within agreements. Essentially, the agreement covers the terms between the company and its suppliers of services and or goods. The supplier agreement is governing the relationship between the supplier and the company. Terms that are usually included within a supplier agreement are;

-       the items the supplier must provide,

-       pricing and payments for all goods and/or services,

-       expected time frames for work completion and payments,

-       the responsibilities and terms of the relationship,

-       procedure in the event of dispute,

-       standard requirements for any products and service levels.

A well drafted supplier agreement can ensure you are able to deliver services to your clients or customers on time and to standard. In the event your supplier is unable to unwilling to comply due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic. A well drafted agreement provides a clear route for resolution of any disputes or lack of delivery or standard.

With regular regulatory changes and standards required to be complied within the supply chain, in particular due to changes relating to climate change and human rights when dealing and negotiating with suppliers in other jurisdictions, languages and cultures. The terms of the supplier agreement is an essential business document to safeguard your business.​

commercial lawyers for business startup

The Sapling Package For Your Business Startup

The Sapling Package ensures you are able to trade with confidence with the benefit of well drafted bespoke agreements to ensure your business is safeguarded as you focus on developing and growing your business.

At Serenity Law, our commercial lawyers  are here to ensure that you will save time by tackling the legal aspects of business with a clear and fixed price from the outset.

Some situations in which your business could be involved that the Sprout package could help you with:

  • Do you need legal help with your new business startup in the UK?

  • Are you starting a business with family or friends?

  • Do you need clear agreements between your business startup and suppliers?

  • Are you collecting customer data in compliance with UK GDPR regulations?

  • Are you selling products or services online?

  • Does your website comply with the UK Cookie law?


After you complete the questionnaire for the package:

  • Our commercial lawyers will review through the questionnaire

  • We reach out with questions for clarity by email concerning our startup legal services.

  • Our startup experts proceed to draft the documents

  • Upon completion of the documents our commercial lawyers will contact you to discuss any further requirements to help with starting a business.

If you are unsure about which package is best for you and have specific questions regarding how we deliver our services, or any other questions  please visit our F.A.Q section by clicking on the link below.​