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Fundraising Package

For Whom?

  • Are a new business who has yet to launch. You will be looking to:

  • Looking to raise funds to start your business journey

  • Approaching investors

  • Finalising details with investors

What's included? 

  • A letter of intent outlines the terms of a deal and defines the outline of your business to investors. As a start-up you may not be able to show revenue, however you can show traction and the letter of intent is a good way to provide interested investors what you have to offer with confidence.

  • The letter of intent can be used to get potential investment at a pre- determined valuation.

  • Guidance on term sheet negotiations and help selecting the right terms for you

  • Custom template term sheet tailored to your requirements

Package Breakdown

  • Letter of Intent

  • Term Sheet

  • Investment Agreement

  • One hour consultation

After you complete the questionnaire for the package

After you complete the questionnaire for the package we will review through the questionnaire, ask any questions for clarity by email and then proceed to draft the documents. Upon completion of the documents will have a one hour consultation to go through the drafted documents and discuss any further requirements going forward

  • Our commercial Solicitors will review the questionnaire

  • We reach out with questions for clarity by email concerning our startup legal services.

  • Our startup experts proceed to draft the documents

  • Upon completion of the documents, our commercial solicitors will contact you for a one hour consultation to discuss any further requirements to help with starting a business.


The Fundraising UK Package provides fundraising for startups in the tech industry or that have high growth potential. At Serenity Law, we can help your company with the legal documentation to secure high startup investments while you raise funding between £100K-£1M through rounds while protecting your interests.


This package covers the initial outset of correspondence with potential investors, the outline of your terms and conditions for investors and lastly a contractual agreement.

With our Fundraising UK package, we help you with legal support as you seek fundraising for startups from angel investors in the UK and other funding options like venture capitalists. Our UK solicitors will draw up the legal contracts that will ensure that you are protected and understand the terms  of funding that you need to implement your startup investments.


Our team of UK solicitors has specifically created the Fundraising UK package to help entrepreneurs with the legal process for startup investments needed to launch and boost their companies. 


The documents included can take up hours of research and development for entrepreneurs to create. We can handle all of these, leaving you time to focus on developing your business and bringing it to market.


Serenity Law will prepare the legal documents needed to secure and protect your interests during the fundraising rounds from different investors such as startup venture capitalists, angel investors in the UK and all types of funding.


Without the appropriate legal support, you could be running the risk of compromising more than what you originally intended.


It is extremely important to arrive at the negotiation table with a clear strategy, regarding ownership percentages, shares and other aspects that are key during the agreement. 


At Serenity Law, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs with our Fundraising UK package advising startup investments through deeply understanding their legal needs.


Our UK solicitors always ensure you have the upper hand during the negotiation and maintain it while having the best interests of both parties in mind.


Letter of Intent


The letter of intent declares the commitment of one party doing business with another. We will define the terms of the deal and provide an outline of your business to investors.

Term Sheet


The term sheet is a non-binding agreement that shows the basic terms and conditions of an investment. It is prepared by an investor in order to state the amount of capital that your business startup will receive. Our startup lawyers will provide your company with guidance on negotiations and help your business by selecting the right terms.

Investment Agreement


The investment agreement is simply a contract entered between your business startup and an investor. It sets out terms and conditions of the investment transaction that will take place. Our startup lawyers will outline rights and responsibilities of both parties in this agreement. 

The investment agreement provides the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the investment. The agreement includes the parameters of the investment, the capital introduced by any new partners.

The parties to the agreement are the shareholders and investor who is investing into the company. The investment agreement deals with the subscription of shares by the investors in return for the investment monies.

The terms of the agreement will depend on the type of funding the company requires, for example if there will be tranche payments on Approaching investors the achievement of a milestone, these are all factors to consider when negotiating the investment agreement.


The Fundraising UK package includes the letter of intent, term sheet, investment agreement, assistance with negotiations and a 1 hour consultation meeting. 



This package covers the initial outset of correspondence with potential startup investors, the outline of your terms and conditions for investors, and lastly a contractual agreement.


At Serenity Law, we handle all of these aspects and leave you with time to focus on developing your business startup and bringing it to market.


Our UK solicitors will save you time by tackling the legal aspects regarding startup investments and fundraising for startups with a clear, fixed price from the start.


If you have any enquires about the process, feel free to book a consultation meeting

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If you are still unsure about what package is best for you and have specific questions regarding how we deliver our services, or any other doubt, please visit our F.A.Q section by clicking on the link below.​