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Take Off

Take Off (£1100/month)*


Who: Our Take Off Package is ideal if you’re an established SME who requires a range of services, from legal negotiation to commercial risk management.


Why: The Take Off package is designed for growing businesses, particularly those seeking investment opportunities. We tailor our Take Off package to ensure the service offered is as unique as your business is. We offer flexible background support to ensure any legal issues are tackled quickly and efficiently to avoid disrupting your day-to-day operations.


Above all we want to hear about your journey so far and provide a package which can enhance and support the decisions that you are making every day. You will have access to the entire Serenity Law team, as opposed to services from just one lawyer, meaning you have experts in all required areas working on your business. With our Take Off Package you will also receive a host of additional benefits which can help you to both strengthen and expand your offering. We can support you with a huge range of potential activities, including:


  • Updates & changes to laws within your business sector

  • Drawing up watertight employee contracts

  • Pro-active support to reduce the risks of litigation by ensuring all of your leases, documents and contracts are up-to-date.

  • Protecting your intellectual property. It’s essential to protect any products, logos and trademarks that have become linked to your company, remain in your hands.

  • Negotiating and entering into new leases

  • Drawing up contracts in relation to the sale/purchase of goods post-Brexit





1. 5 hours tailored support monthly for your business


  • Personalised support to see you through the legal side of running your business day-to-day. You will have access to both a specialised Serenity Lawyer as well as the wider team, who will all have a full overview of your business; contact will be quick, efficient and reliable.


2. Access to the Template Library


  • Easy-to-download checklists and fit for purpose contract templates, continually updated to reflect legislation changes. Giving you peace of mind with each use.


3. Regular newsletters


  • These include up-to-date changes to regulations & legal requirements. These will give you advanced opportunity to assess how changes might affect you and discuss concerns with your Serenity Lawyer.


4. Business Academy


  • The opportunity to network with a wealth of other individuals who are in similar sectors on the business journey. Learn and grow together without having to attend physical networking events.


5. 24/7 Serenity Law Helpline


  • A dedicated 24/7 helpline to solve any urgent legal queries that may arise. Giving you peace of mind that you will never have to wait to resolve issues.


6. Webinars & Events


  • Our Serenity Webinars & Events will bring about timely discussions that could affect your business. These will incorporate both legal issues and wider areas of discussion through Serenity Law partners such as accountancy, HR, business advice and more.


7. Special rates on litigation and other services provided by Serenity Law


  • Discounts and special rates on any Serenity Law services that you may need to invest in outside your allocated package hours. Meaning you can have the security of additional time at a reduced rate should you need it.


8. Partner Assistance – Business Coaching and Accountancy


  • Serenity Law will provide details of hand-picked partners who will be able to offer the best rate and service for your particular business and industry sector.


Unsure? Check out our testimonials page here or our Google reviews here and see how many clients are already benefitting from our services.

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