Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Serenity Law LLP

The partnership team at Serenity Law LLP are committed to achieving a real and sustainable positive impact on the broader community in which we live and work.  We believe that it is essential that both as a firm and as individuals we should operate in an environmentally conscious manner.


An environmental management system has been developed with Ecovate to target future improvement more specifically and more accurately measure effectiveness.


We have a recycling procedure for paper products, glass, fluorescent tubes, batteries, toner cartridges, metal, cans and plastic in our central office and also encourage our staff working remotely to comply with our central policy in their home offices using local recycling waste centres.

Travel Plans

We have a firm plan to promote alternatives to car travel when travelling to client sites or to our central office. The firm was founded on a principle of a flexible approach to the work/life balance and we encourage our team to work efficiently through the use of technology where possible to deliver legal services. Our team members are provided with cycle storage facilities and showers at our central office.


Serenity Law actively seeks to appoint suppliers with a good track record in sustainability.  By way of example, our stationery supplier offers a range of recycled products which we encourage staff to use through a competitive pricing strategy.


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We encourage our team to never waste resources. A review has concluded that the most significant area of impact we have on the environment is in the use of natural resources.  Our significant natural resource usage includes power, water, travel, and consumables such as paper and I.T. equipment.

We recognise our impact on the environment comes from:


  1. Electricity to heat, cool and power office equipment.

  2. Gas for heating

  3. Travel by air, road and rail to visit clients and conduct internal meetings.

  4. Water in offices used for a variety of purposes.

  5. Resources such as paper.

  6. Waste including paper, plastic and consumable I.T. equipment.


If a room is not being used all lighting, electrical points and heating are  switched off. All computer and printer equipment is shut down every night and printing is on a needs basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a progressive expanding legal practice and the partnership recognises the importance of approaching their responsibilities for corporate social responsibility in a co-ordinated and committed fashion.

Each of the partners has committed to bring this combined corporate social responsibility statement to the attention of all members of staff through internal communication and via various media communication networks to our clients and contacts. 


In addition, it has been agreed that this policy will be reviewed and measured annually to ensure that our commitment to environmental responsibility, the community, and our ethical policy is up-to-date and forward thinking as possible.

Financial Sustainability

At Serenity Law LLP we also see sustainability as our role in behaving in a financially sustainable future. In our current economic times, the partnership are committed to behaving responsibly both in how we run our own business, and in working with clients transparently through flexible milestone billing and where appropriate fixed fees on transactional matters.

We will always source locally where we can and support other small businesses in our purchasing where it is the right thing to do.

The Future

The partnership will review this document annually and consult our team in order to evaluate this strategy and update and improve our policies on an on-going basis.


As part of this process, we will monitor our progress against our objectives to ensure compliance by our office and we will continue to set new objectives for the future.