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One key aspect that every successful entrepreneur knows is the importance of having a team of startup lawyers backing its decisions. When it comes to starting a business in the UK or abroad, legal aspects can be a nightmare but that is exactly why we are here.

After many years of experience as startup lawyers, Serenity Law has narrowed down the main legal needs for startups and created 5 tailored business startup packages designed to help with starting a business in the UK.

Decades of experience as startup lawyers have equipped us with the knowledge for designing the perfect business startup packages aimed to tackle every legal need your startup might have.

Our business startup packages are ideal for entrepreneurs who need help with starting a business in the UK or abroad but realise the importance of having safeguard measures covered with a sound legal firm dealing with the documents and formalities needed.

The packages included below contain all the important startup legal documents needed for starting a business in the UK.

If you are unsure which business package suits your exact needs, contact a member of our friendly team today to arrange a 15 minute start-up package consultation by clicking here

Our goal at Serenity law is to provide entrepreneurs with the startup legal documents that they need so they can just focus their energy on the key aspects needed for growing their businesses.

Our legal services for startups provide clear solutions and will save you precious time and stress but most importantly, offering you excellent value for money.

We will save you time and nightmares by tackling the legal aspects of starting a business with a clear approach and a fixed price from the start. No surprises.

Keep in mind that each of the business startup packages offers different services.

In summary, each package was designed considering the type of services needed for the different stages in which your startup could be.

If you have doubts regarding which business startup package is best for you, don't worry, we are happy to help you choose the right one during a consultation meeting.

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New Business Startup Packages

Business Startup Packages
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Looking for support to raise funding for your business?

The Fundraising Package is specialised towards Technology and High Growth Start-Up owners who are focused on securing funding for their new venture. We can support you in the most crucial steps, ahead of your business launch.


This package covers the initial outset of correspondence with potential investors, the outline of your terms and conditions for investors, and lastly a contractual agreement. 

Why Serenity Law LLP?


Serenity Law has an experienced team of commercial law experts who are dedicated to helping clients achieve legal solutions. We support our clients to settle their disputes through ADR procedures such as mediation.


Our co-founding partner, Avinder Laroya, is CEDR accredited and a CMC registered mediator for civil, commercial and workplace disputes. She is passionate about resolving international commercial disputes.


As a CEDR accredited mediator, Avinder Laroya can work with you to overcome disputes, minimising the need to go through lengthy, costly, and stressful court proceedings. Click here to book your free 15-minute consultation.