Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

How Does Serenity Protect Benefit You?

Serenity Protect is designed to provide you with virtual in-house legal services support without the expense of employing a full-time lawyer. Our service provides peace of mind to your board as you build and develop your business with confidence and knowledge that any legal risks are kept to a minimum. With the support of a virtual in-house lawyer in the background, supporting your legal needs whilst you focus on your business. Companies of all sizes face legal issues on a daily basis, from supply chain issues, customer disputes to breach of contract. Serenity Protect works quietly behind the scenes to ensure that issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently without you losing focus on the day-to-day tasks.

How does the payment plan work?

As a commercial law firm we offer all new clients we offer a 3-month taster session which can then be cancelled after this time. We are confident however that you will immediately see the benefit of Serenity Protect within your company and wish to remain with us after the taster session has ended. Then following month 3, your chosen package will continue for a 12 month term which is then reviewed to ensure the package you are on is fit for purpose and a further 12 month subscription is continued.

The three month taster session is only available to new clients.

Why do we suggest a 12-month model?

As you grow and develop your business you will undoubtedly enter new agreements, and amend existing ones. These bring about legal risk considerations and you may encounter unexpected legal issues over time as a result. In terms of location, you may be planning to grow within the UK, however if you want to expand internationally, Brexit has provided us with a new set of considerations that will need to be incorporated in anything you agree to within the EU going forward. Using the services of a virtual in-house lawyer through Serenity Protect provides you with an invisible layer of support that can be leant on throughout the journey of your business.

Serenity Protect is tailored towards businesses who require ongoing legal support, rather than an ad-hoc service. You will have the added confidence of knowing your lawyer understands how your business works on a day-to-day basis and can help you make informed decisions with confidence as you manage your business. Your Serenity Protect lawyers can help with a huge range of both forthcoming and unforeseen issues, including:

  • New regulations and legislation changes
  • Legal issues relating to Covid-19
  • Forthcoming law changes due to Brexit
  • Alerting you of new trade deal advantages when the UK government have agreed them internationally
  • Business growth including commercial and employee contracts
  • Launching new services and the legalities that are part of the process
  • Acquiring new talent or businesses

Being a subscription client and using our hotline service we are able to help answer questions quickly and avoid bigger problems for example, you don’t have to search for help when we will take care of it for you as a Serenity Protect client.

What Do I Need To Know?

  • Each retainer package can be issued on a paid-trial basis for 3 months, after which the client will need to subscribe to the full 12-month subscription.
  • If the full time allocated for the month has not been used during the allotted 30-day time period, then 50% can be rolled over to the next month for the following month only. It will then be removed from the account.
  • Payments are made in advance on the 7th of the month by direct debit.
  • Helpline – for clients needing additional helpline support above their allocated time, this will be charged in 15-minute increments.

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here

Why choose one of our E-Commerce Packages instead of ad-hoc support?

We work with start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs who want security and manage their legal and business risks as they grow and develop their business. Our packages can support you to have legal advisory and transactional assistance as you negotiate business deals with suppliers and end users. For example, we can assist with the review of documents to take into account changes in legislation and ensure your business is protected as you focus on growing. By using our Serenity Protect Packages, we ensure your business is safeguarded at every stage of the business journey that will keep you covered now, and in the months to come, mitigating any potential legal issues.

What if I need more than one hour for my consultation?

If you are unsure which package is best for you, you can contact a member of our team for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs by clicking here . We work with you and assess from the consultation your business plans and suggest a package based on our commercial experience. In the unlikely event that you require more time, we can look to review your package or whether you need to add on additional hours for that month.

How long does the process take?

Once you have completed our questionnaires and completed the client-on-boarding process, we will have an initial strategy session to agree on your legal requirements which will be reviewed on a quarterly basis during the retainer.