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Runway Package

The Ultimate Legal Protection For You & Your Business

Runway (£450/month)*


Who: The Runway package is ideal for either entrepreneurs or teams who are starting a business/seed level business


Why: We understand how difficult and all-consuming it can be to start a business, which is why we want to support you on your journey. As an entrepreneur, or head of a small team you will be busy running the day-to-day activities, which can leave little precious time for legal matters. Outsourced ad-hoc support provided by other legal services can lead you to feeling detached from your legal team, we want to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your business. With the Runway Package we can provide flexible, dedicated support for a fixed price. We can advise on a wide range of start-up queries including:


  • Different business structures and which one will work best for the outcome you would like to achieve.

  • Preventing litigation by ensuring all of your leases, documents and contracts are up-to-date.

  • Protecting your intellectual property. It’s essential to protect any products, logos and trademarks that have become linked to your company, remain in your hands.



The Runway Package Includes:


1. 2 hours tailored support monthly for your business


  • Personalised support to see you through the legal side of running your business day-to-day. You will be allocated expert Serenity Lawyer who will have a full overview of your business; contact will be quick, efficient and dedicated.


2.Access to the Template Library


  • Easy-to-download checklists and fit for purpose contract templates, continually updated to reflect legislation changes. Giving you peace of mind with each use.


3. Regular newsletters


  • These include up-to-date changes to regulations & legal requirements. These will give you advanced opportunity to assess how changes might affect you and discuss concerns with your Serenity Lawyer.


4. Webinars & Events

  • Our Serenity Webinars & Events will bring about timely discussions that could affect your business. These will incorporate both legal issues and wider areas of discussion through Serenity Law partners such as accountancy, HR, business advice and more.



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