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Professional Negligence

Have you suffered negligence from your Surveyor, Solicitors, Accountants, Architect, or any other professional service? 

Understand your rights to obtain compensation. Businesses and individuals depend on their professional advisors to protect them from specialist areas of business and personal risk. When a professional fails to deliver services to standard, it may lead to financial harm.

We are professional negligence solicitors available in London UK. Working with you to provide support and solutions, we protect your interests and assets.


At Serenity Law LLP we are committed to getting you the best results, if the professional has not provided the service with a reasonable level of skill and care. 

Unfortunately, there are a number of cases where poor or careless advice leads to serious consequences, from lost money to missed opportunities, if you have fallen victim to it, you may be entitled to claim compensation.


Why choose Serenity Law LLP as a professional negligence solicitor in London?

​We understand you may be reluctant to put your trust in another professional having already been the victim of bad advice. We work with you to successfully enable you to win your claim for loss and damages as a consequence of professional negligence.

If you feel you have been offered exceptionally bad professional advice you can make your case based on two grounds:

  1. To prove that the experienced professional in the same field would have offered you different advice. 

  2. You can prove the professional failed to provide the service to the common standards of practice within their professional field.


We can assist you with professional negligence after receiving advice from:

  • Solicitors

  • Barristers

  • Architects

  • Accountants

  • Engineers

  • Surveyors

  • Insurance brokers


We are members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA) which is a professional association formed to help resolve disputes that arise between professionals and their clients.

How can we help you with your professional negligence claim?


We can help you both assess the circumstances of your case and the consequences of your actions following any poor or incorrect advice. We will also talk you through all your options for funding your case. If your financial claim is less than £10,000 then we will not be able to help you.


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