Enhanced Start Up "Acer" Package

Enhanced Start Up "Acer" Package


This package is ideal if you are an established/newly established business. You will be/already are: selling a product/service, setting up a website, sending out correspondence to customers, dealing with supplies/end-users, and hiring employees. 


Package Details:

- We will set out a legal framework for how your company's day to day transactions will operate


- Agreements with suppliers, a clearly defined agreement which will cover supply, delivery, timescales and payments


- A clearly defined agreement between your business and any licensees


- A clearly defined agreement between the business and any employees


- We will ensure you comply with EU and UK law with regards to any data processed through your website


- Ensure your website is compliant with the EU Directive regarding how you track website visits.




After you complete the questionnaire for the package we will review the questionnaire, ask any questions for clarity by email, and then proceed to draft the documents. Upon completion of the documents will have a one-hour consultation to go through the drafted documents and discuss any further requirements going forward.


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