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Do You Suffer From Conference Call Anxiety? You're Not Alone!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We've recently highlighted how beneficial video conferencing can be for client-facing businesses. Not only has conferencing technology software transformed communication strategies, but it's proven to save time and money in comparison to a traditional face to face meeting.

At Serenity Law, we've been utilising modern technology to reach global clients since the digital law firm was founded by Avinder Laroya and Stanley Beckett in 2010. But could the Coronavirus forcing businesses to re-think their communication strategies be causing app-rehension?

Online HR experts, HRNews.co.uk, think so, stating:

"Despite its growing popularity, the thought of participating in video calls with managers and colleagues, and especially potential employers, is leaving people feeling anxious, stressed, exposed and exhausted."

Does technology fill you with trepidation?

The issues with video conferencing vary from person to person. For those who aren't particularly tech-savvy, conducting a meeting of high importance via the internet can seem like a daunting task. After all, we're relying on the internet connection to remain strong, the software to work as expected and for all participants having the correct technology to enable the call to succeed. If you're feeling this way, we recommend that you prepare, prepare, prepare. To reduce your apprehension when video conferencing with clients, you could:

  • Try a practise run ahead of time: Call a family member who's working upstairs or in their own home to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the process without the additional pressure of a client being on the line;

  • Ask for the support from a colleague: Many businesses have used video conferencing for some time, resulting in well-practised employees. Why not ask a colleague to share their screen with your presentation to give you one less thing to think about as you speak?

  • Admit you're human: Whilst your overall aim is to be professional, there's no harm in admitting that technology isn't one of your biggest strengths. You might just find that your client has the same concerns, too!

Does your confidence cause you concern?

Another key concern for many video-conference invoked anxiety sufferers is their self-esteem and overall self-image. When meeting face to face traditionally, you focus solely on the client sat across from you. In contrast, video conferencing fills your screen with not only the face of your client, but your own face, too. For those who struggle with body confidence issues, this can be a nightmare. Whilst we can't claim to solve the root cause of your concerns, we have picked up some tricks and tips to make the process a little easier to manage:

  • Sit in a room with plenty of natural light: If the light is natural, even better! Natural light can help to give your face a warm glow on screen;

  • Dress to impress: Whilst it's easy to throw on a t-shirt and hide your pyjama bottoms off-screen, by taking pride in your appearance, you'll boost your self-confidence and this will shine through;

  • Consider your angles: Most laptops, when at desk level, direct the webcam screen right towards your chin, which, isn't particularly flattering for most of us! If this is a concern to you, try stacking some books under your laptop to elevate the camera and change the angle completely.

  • Positive affirmations: Remind yourself that your expertise doesn't depend upon how you look and it's the expertise that your client will be focusing upon. In fact, they might be feeling equally as uneasy on your video conference, so why not pay them a compliment to break the ice?

The new normal

As lockdown begins to lift, some companies are returning to business as [un]usual. Whilst this may mean that you're able to go into the office more often, your clients may continue to feel apprehensive about social distancing when meeting in person for some time yet. This is where video conferencing can help you continue to build your business relationships.

Many businesses are now recognising what Serenity Law LLP knew all along: the use of video conferencing is invaluable! The new normal, experts predict, will see more and more companies sticking with their new-found technological approaches, so now is the time to overcome your digital demons wherever possible.

Read more about the benefits of video conferencing from co-founding partner, Avinder Laroya, and her team by clicking here.

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