Mediation is a cost effective way to sort out any differences in business. The traditional methods of conflict resolution, litigation and arbitration, may not always provide the best outcome for the client. By promoting constructive dialogue within a neutral environment with the assistance of a Mediator who acts as a facilitator to help the individuals to reflect in order to identify and recognise the other person’s view can assist in creating enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created in conflict situations.

Why mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process to create and repair interpersonal ties through an impartial, neutral and independent Mediator, the parties are helped to improve their relationship or resolve a disagreement or conflict.

The key benefits of mediation over court litigation include:

  • Mediation is facilitated by an accredited mediator

  • Mediation supports parties to come to an agreement between themselves

  • Mediation is a shorter process, meaning parties can reach settlement sooner

  • Mediation has potentially fewer costs than litigation

  • Mediation can help to identify the issues in contention and can be used in conjunction with arbitration and or litigation 

Serenity Law

As a virtual firm, we offer agile legal services and work in partnership with our clients to help them meet their business objectives. Mediation is one of the many ways we support clients to reach the optimum outcome without the added costs of a traditional high-street law firm. 

Avinder Laroya, is an CEDR accredited and CMC registered mediator for civil, commercial and workplace disputes. She is passionate about resolving complex international commercial disputes, working with clients both in the UK and across the globe. As a CEDR accredited mediator, Ms. Laroya works with you to find common ground and to move forward. You can appoint Ms. Laroya as a Mediator through her mediation consultancy Minute Mediation Ltd


Find out more about Serenity Law or book a 15 minute free consultation with our experienced and accredited mediator, Ms. Laroya.


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