Intellectual Property

Protecting your brand, protecting your business and securing your ideas, we are your intellectual property solicitors in London.


Security and Guidance

Our intellectual property legal services cover all aspects of trade mark and intellectual property to ensure your brand, reputation and innovation are secure.


Adding Value and Protection

From trademark searches to registration and intellectual property disputes, we protect your hard-work. Your brand, products and ideas are your business. We treat them as the valuable assets they are.


Our Clients

Our intellectual property legal services are suited to innovative businesses that are keen to protect their enterprise in a flexible and affordable way. You need a legal service in London which has demonstrated expertise in trademark law, without a complicated process or unnecessary jargon.


Why choose Serenity Law LLP for your intellectual property legal advice in London?

We are as excited by your trademarks as you are, partnering with you to protect the essence of your business. . We understand that it is in your branding, products or services and ideas that your business succeeds. We offer a transparently priced and cost-effective intellectual property solution.


Our intellectual property legal services include:

  • Make a trade mark application in multiple jurisdictions

  • Oppose trade mark applications applied by others

  • Start or defend a claim when another company is using your trade mark or brand

  • Advice on trade mark disputes or infringements

  • Any other legal advice on trade marks

We are your intellectual property legal experts in London.

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