How Do We Charge?

Our ethos is to offer flexible and cost-effective legal services in London. As such, we take the same innovative approach to our pricing as we do to the services we deliver.

The problem with London law firms

A standard London law firm will calculate fees on an hourly rate determined by your budget, the experience and expertise of the lawyers used, their overheads and their profit margins. To get around these costly legal models, businesses either made do without legal advice, navigating a complex environment alone, or bringing a solicitor in-house and incurring other costs and potentially paying for an under-utilised service.


All of these options put you, the client, on the back foot. Meeting high costs which overrun expectations, shelling out for overheads on a continual basis, and lack of control are just some of the issues a client encounters.

A client-centred approach to legal services

For this reason, we do things differently. We offer a radically different approach so that clients get what they actually need, cost-effectively. How do we do this?

Man at his Desk
  • Engagement models your way

See our range of different engagement models to find out how you can choose the level and type of legal service you need.

Market Analysis
  • Reduced expenses

We’ve changed the way we do things so that you aren’t facing astronomical expenses. For example, we don’t train solicitors at your cost. All Serenity Law solicitors have a minimum of 5 years’ post-qualification experience or have been partners before.

Successful Manager
  • Expertise guaranteed

We only use exceptionally experienced legal experts on your issues. Our average experience level is 10 years. We have a broad spectrum of sector-specific experts.

  • Trust

We value the relationships we build with clients, ensuring that you can trust us to be diligent and focused on your objectives while minimising risk.

Call Center
  • Virtual engagement

We don’t maintain expensive office space or face costly London overheads which have to be passed on to you. Instead, our teams work virtually, whilst still ensuring unrivalled access to the resources you’d expect of a central London law firm. We can visit you or engage using technological communication tools.

  • Technologically-driven

We don’t give room to inefficient legacy systems but are continually striving to be technologically savvy legal experts utilising industry-leading technology.

Reaching a Deal
  • Project-control

We believe in transparency so that you know what a project will cost you, with no hidden surprises. We will also explore with you project-specific options including: fixed fee pricing; monthly retainers; payment at closing, and; milestone-based billing.

Ray of Light
  • Green outlook

We utilise our virtual model to ensure we are a green law firm, continually striving to reduce our impact on our environment. We are proud of our low carbon footprint without compromising engagement with clients.

The result of our different way of doing things is an exceptionally cost-effective legal service in London.

Many clients choose our On Demand Virtual In-House Counsel Package to ensure they can access exceptional London legal services always when they need them.

Our Serenity Protect Packages are designed to suit your business, whatever your size or industry, click here for further information: