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Managing through and building resilience during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus pandemic developed quickly and unexpectedly, leaving little time to prepare for the unprecedented changes needed to allow business to run as usual. First and foremost, the outbreak is a human tragedy, however the impact upon the global economy is resulting in companies facing unavoidable difficulties.


Here at Serenity Law LLP, we will be there to support you and your business every step of the way.

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How can Serenity Law support my business?

Serenity Law are leaders in corporate litigation. We offer a fully virtual service ensuring our clients and staff remain safe and adhere to social distancing advice during the current pandemic. Our varied legal services will assist you in improving the likelihood that your business will survive at a time when so many others will be forced to cease trade. Amongst many additional services, we offer:

Dispute Resolution

At a time where there are so many unknowns, commercial disputes are an unpleasant but not unusual outcome. We aim to resolve commercial disputes with tenacity, focusing on your objectives to lead the way through often complex situations.

We’re able to advise upon a wide range of disputes that may have been caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. These can include:

  • Commercial contract disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Real estate disputes

  • Restrictive covenant disputes

  • International and cross-border disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings

At Serenity Law, our affordable solutions include mediation, arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, litigation and more, whilst providing transparent and flexible service.

Legal Document Auditing

In addition to causing disputes, the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak has also caused many companies to discover that their legal documentation didn’t offer the protection they were expecting. Put your mind at rest and allow us to fully audit your documentation to ensure you’re covered by force majeure clauses.

At Serenity Law, we’re meticulous in our approach to auditing your documentation, which grants us the ability to offer risk-free advice tailored specifically to you and your business. Whether you have faced difficulties as a result of existing legal documents that now needs updating, or whether you’d like us to refresh and simplify all your documentation to ensure such problems are avoided, we’re here to help.

Read more from co-partner Avinder Laroya on whether the Coronavirus is covered under a force majeure clause.


Property Litigation

With the Coronavirus impacting upon household incomes, be it through redundancy, illness or otherwise, we understand that landlords are to be faced with difficult decisions.

Our expertise in delivering workable solutions for clients from a range of residential and commercial landlord and tenant standpoints. We focus on providing cost-effective and forward-thinking legal services, including:

  • Exercising break clauses

  • Enforcing landlord rights

  • Authorised guarantee agreements

  • Service charge disputes

  • Rent reviews

  • Repairing liability

  • Insurance

  • Forfeiture

  • Tenancy insolvency

The government support of homeowners and tenants during the COVID-19 outbreak is regularly evolving and we shall continue to provide up-to-date advice whilst providing strategic solutions and alternative dispute resolution, maintaining positive landlord/tenant relationships. Find out more about our services here.

Renegotiation and Revision

It’s expected that the delivery of goods and services will be delayed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but this will result in the breach of commercial contracts for businesses at all stages of the supply chain.

As the economy is likely to be affected for the next 12-18 months, now is the time to revise short-term obligations and renegotiate on-going terms of agreement. All businesses impacted by the outbreak will benefit from enhanced contractual obligations. Such renegotiations will ameliorate commercial relationships between suppliers of in-demand items (such as medical supplies and medicines, hand sanitisers, cleaning products and non-perishable food items) and your clients.

Serenity Law are experts in revising and renegotiating payment and delivery terms, allowing you to focus on what’s important – making sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.


Whether you’re a start-up SME or a large, established company, Serenity Law offer specialist, affordable legal services to support you through the COVID-19 outbreak.


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