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Our commercial litigation solicitors in London can assist you in English, French, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi and more.

Serenity Law LLP is a progressive London law firm with litigation experts that have handled high-value and challenging commercial matters.

Commercial litigation relates to dealing with disputes arising between companies. These disputes can have an impact on resources and management, such disputes can range from breaches of contract to shareholder or partnership disputes.

Commercial litigation is a broad term that refers to the resolution of contentious relationships that are typically resolved through court action. 

Expert Commercial Litigation Solicitors 

Our commercial litigation solicitors provide expert advice and assistance to help business clients resolve disputes with specialist experience and knowledge with 

  • Disputes that arise in the course of running a business

  • Commercial contractual disputes arising from business transactions

  • Winding up and insolvency 

  • Intellectual property disputes 

  • Business disputes

  • Contract disputes

  • Shareholder disputes


Our team works proactively to secure beneficial outcomes for our clients, with excellent expertise in negotiating out-of-court settlements and exceptional experience with ADR mechanisms such as Arbitration, Mediation and Court procedures.


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure to Court litigation. Arbitration enables the parties flexibility in appointing an independent Arbitrator with particular experience and skills to make a final legally binding decision in accordance with the law. 

The procedure is confidential, flexible and can use either ad-hoc or institutional rules to govern the procedure, in the UK The Arbitration Act 1996 regulates arbitration proceedings within England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To find out more about Arbitration, click here to our Arbitration page. 



Mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution mechanism to assist parties to find common ground. Any settlement of the dispute is recorded in a settlement agreement which is legally binding.

Mediation is a cost effective, flexible, and confidential procedure where a neutral and impartial mediator facilitates discussions between the parties. To find out more about the mediation procedure and the benefits of mediation click on the link here 


Why choose Serenity Law LLP as a Commercial Litigation solicitor in London?


​Clear Advice And Practical Support

At Serenity Law LLP we provide practical support and legal expertise through our experienced team members who have at least 5 years post qualification experience. Our team ensure you receive advice on the situation as a whole as we understand that the legal advice, we provide will have a commercial impact on the decisions you make. All our advice is tailored to our client’s business goals, requirements and situation. We pride ourselves on our commercial focus and our pragmatic approach to commercial litigation.

How Can We Help You With Your Commercial Litigation Claim?

We can help you both assess the circumstances of your case and the commercial implications of your claim. We will also talk you through all your options for funding your case. If your financial claim is less than £10,000 then we will not be able to help you.


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