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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Solicitor To Start A Business?

The answer to this question is that it depends, although you can easily go online and incorporate a business structure, the benefit of having legal advice and guidance before starting a business is to ensure all the associated risks and issues that could arise for your particular industry or business and sector are considered. Having advice and guidance from a solicitor can assist you to avoid costly mistakes after you start trading.There are various considerations when starting a business and entrepreneurs should make sure they comply with all the legal obligations of running a business. The expertise of a business solicitor can be useful at every stage of the process.

What makes our legal support so valuable for entrepreneurs?

There are a range of considerations an entrepreneur and start-up should comply with to include financial accounting, compliance with regulations, director’s duties, tax obligations and employment laws when starting a business.

With the benefit of our legal support, we will ensure your new venture complies with all its legal responsibilities so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Does the pricing differ if I am outside the UK?

Our prices are as they are stated on the website in pounds sterling. Whether you are from within the United Kingdom or looking at setting up a company in the UK from abroad our fees are the same.

If you require additional guidance, then you can book a no obligation consultation call by clicking the link here.

I already have an established business in another jurisdiction and want to expand my operations to the UK, can your business packages assist me?

Yes, the business packages are designed to enable you to not only incorporate and expand your business operations by opening a branch in the UK, we also draft and provide the legal documentation for your business to comply with English law, to enable you to operate your business in the United Kingdom with confidence.

If there are any additional legal documents that you require due to your industry sector or type of product or service, we can assist you with these also. Contact a member of the team for a no obligation consultation by clicking the link to book a slot. Contact us HERE

Are these services for a specific industry?

There are certain industry sectors where there are specific regulatory or licensing requirements that you will have to obtain before trading, for instance in if you are looking to open up a restaurant or bar. There are also certain requirements in the event you are looking to open a a dental practice or cosmetic surgery. We have helped many start-up enterprises open their entrepreneurial ventures over the years in different business sectors.

We have experienced commercial team who can advise you of the legal requirements around your industry to ensure your business starts on the right legal footing.

What is the timeline from payment that my company will be able to be operational?

From the order of the package and completion of the questionnaires, subject to there not being any complex or unforeseen requirements, we estimate your new company will be operational within 21 days.

What are articles of association and why does my business need  them?

Articles of Association provide the founding information of the company rules and how the company is run, governed and owned by the members. Articles can put restrictions on the company’s power which can be useful if the shareholders and directors do not agree and try pulling the company in different directions.

You can also use the articles of association to create different share classes, this is part of the incorporation process and will be one of the aspects we can assist you with when assisting you to incorporate your company.

Can I get in touch with Serenity Law in case of urgent enquiries?

You can contact a member of the team in three different ways

  • online chat through our website link here [. ]
  • by email at
  • by telephone on +44 8000197773