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In recent years, the blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomena has emerged, offering businesses and individuals additional levels of security and significant potential for large returns. At Serenity Law, we manage all aspects of our firm using the most up to date technological advancements and specialise in blockchain and cryptocurrency matters under international jurisdiction. 

What is blockchain?

Put simply, blockchain is a digital database or ledger of recorded information, which enables thousands of identical copies to be accessed and updated from anywhere in the world at the same time. There’s no central server and the intelligence of the technology behind blockchain makes cyber-attacks extremely difficult.

What is cryptocurrency?

The most internationally well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. In layman’s terms, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, which use encryption. The units of currency are transferred and independently regulated without the need for a central bank. In essence, cryptocurrency is no different to bank notes and coins in that they are simple entries onto a database (blockchain) of transactions promising to pay the bearer.

Why are blockchain and cryptocurrency legal services vital?

There are many benefits of the emergence of a solely digital currencies, however as the technology is new and ever-evolving, a degree of exploration into uncharted legal territory is necessary. At Serenity Law, we provide specialist legal advice on issues relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain matters. These can include:

  • Your, or your business’, legal rights, opportunities and obligations

  • Legal support and advice on fraudulent activity

  • Multi-jurisdiction and cross-border legal advice

  • Contract drafting and breach of contract dispute resolution

Why choose Serenity Law LLP?

At Serenity Law, we pride ourselves as being industry leaders in utilising the latest technologies. Our co-founding partner, Avinder Laroya, has particular interest in the digital currencies and shares her knowledge and expertise with clients both in the UK and internationally.


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