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Our legal team have over 3 decades of in-depth legal experience working within the hospitality sector. Our expertise and experience in the sector have enabled us to work with top chefs, multi-chain outlets and funded start-up enterprises in hospitality.

Over the years, we have worked with operators of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and leisure businesses. Our clients come from diverse communities such as LGBTQ, Indian, Asian and African communities and we help them with the practical challenges businesses in this sector face from start-up to the various stages of business growth.

The hospitality and leisure sectors are two of the most challenging in which to do business. Around 60% of new restaurants fail within the first year and nearly 80% before their fifth anniversary. There is plenty of competition for bars and restaurants, however, to be successful, you will need an experienced and enthusiastic legal team to support you along the journey.

At Serenity Law, we support you to become the best you can be, taking care of your legal needs from corporate legal structures, commercial agreements, property needs and dispute resolution. Our legal support services allow you to concentrate on working in your business rather than on your business. Whether you’re developing your creative offering of exciting menus, stocking the bar with the most fashionable cocktails and beverages or keeping smiles on the faces of your customers, Serenity Law will guide you through the legal challenges faced. Our experience has seen us work with establishments ranging from fresh, new bars to national restaurant chains, with multiple franchises.

Why do bars and restaurants require legal support?

The legal challenges faced by bars and restaurants are unique and we can guide you through such challenges, including:

  • Property investment, acquisition or rental;

  • Licensing and obtaining permits;

  • Sustainable supply chain structuring;

  • Dispute resolution;

  • Chain development and other expansion;

  • Investment and franchise agreements;

  • Confidentiality and lock out agreements;

  • Joint Venture agreements and collaboration;

  • Development and funding agreements;

  • Commercial and contractual agreements;

  • Advertising and Marketing agreements.

Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur bringing your ideas to life or an eatery expert expanding your offerings, overcoming legal obstacles, and abiding by fundamental legislation are keys to success.

Why choose Serenity Law?

Here at Serenity Law, we believe in going above and beyond the service provided by a typical legal firm. As a virtual firm we offer agile legal services and work in partnership with our clients to help them meet their business objectives. Doing business in the hospitality sector, particularly when working with bars and restaurants, is fast-paced and ever-evolving, which is why we have tailored our unique services to ensure we help you to be one step ahead of the commercial challenges of working in this sector.

Our partners, Stanley Beckett and Avinder Laroya, understand the importance of your commercial success and aim to work with you to achieve your objectives with the added benefit of their industry experience offering insight to guide you along the way.

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