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Serenity Law LLP is a boutique digital commercial law firm serving central London and international clients. We combine technological expertise with a client-centred approach to ensure a cost-effective, dedicated and bespoke legal service.

Who are we?

We are a digital law firm bringing you cost-effective innovative solutions. Serenity Law LLP has two partners: Avinder Laroya and Stanley Beckett. Together they form the backbone of our service with proven expertise in all aspects of commercial law from dispute resolution to blockchain, and property development to joint ventures.

Each solicitor at Serenity Law LLP has an average of over 10 years’ experience. They are all reliable, skilled and innovative individuals with outstanding backgrounds making them leading solicitors in London for both locals and international investors.

Legal Services – Client-Centred Solution-Focussed

At Serenity Law LLP we understand that your legal success depends on your chosen solicitor’s ability to see you and your situation as individual, within the wider context of our legal knowledge and the law itself. We offer a bespoke service which puts the client at the heart of all we do.

We step beyond convention to bring you tailored solutions for today’s commercial environment which looks beyond the restrictive in-house counsel model. This is Pay-As-You-Go legal-style.

Legal Services – Digital Innovators

With the wisdom of the profession combined with the tools of today, we bring you a London legal advice service fit for modern commercial legal situations. We combine strength of professional knowledge with software such as Clio (a leading practice management system endorsed by the Law Society) and Amquis (an anti-money laundering tool).

We are cyber-crime aware. We follow best practice and only use reputable and award winning providers, such as Rackspace, to protect our firm, and therefore protect you.

Legal Services – Expert Advice Cost-Effectively

It is our innovative solutions and approach which enables us to bring you leading commercial legal services without fuss.

With us you receive an expert service at a reasonable cost. Our innovative use of technology, expertise and our unique business model, have allowed us to shave 50% off the cost of traditional central London services whilst never sacrificing service quality. We maintain the same exceptional level of service you expect from a top London law firm whilst passing on the savings to you.

We continually strive to improve our green credentials. Being a digital law firm we drive less and use less paper. We are proud of our small carbon footprint.

Legal Services – Locally Driven, Internationally Tailored

We are solicitors in central London providing a commercial law service to the areas of Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Whitechapel and beyond. However, we are not constrained by borders. Our digital approach means we offer London legal services to international investors and property developers, as well as those from throughout the UK.


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